Home Staging Tips For the FSBO Includes Home Staging & Redesign

Selling your home yourself can sometimes be a daunting task. It is important that your selling plan covers the basic ingredients of selling your home. Covering the six main ingredients such as: location, condition of the property, selling price, terms of the contract, the market conditions, and home staging & re-design will insure your success when selling your home.

The location of your property is an important selling point. A great neighborhood with great schools should reflect the pricing of your home. Popular areas bring top dollar. You will want to highlight your neighborhood assets when your preparing your marketing plan. Be sure to include real estate statistics, local school information, local stores, and restaurants.

The condition of your property is extremely important. In today’s buyers market, buyers are not willing to spend a lot of money updating or remodeling a property. They are looking for the perfect package. So make sure your home is properly maintained and updated. Remember, you want to make the best first impression.

The price of your home is the number one consideration when selling your home. In order to compete in any market, you must be competitive. You must have the best product and the best price. Buyers are picky. Make sure you do your market research on the local competition before setting your price.

Terms of the contract are very important. Here are a few questions to ask yourself. What is included? What about contingencies? The decision is yours to make, just be clear and concise in your terms. Details are what buyers are looking for in a great buy. Be sure to include as much detail as possible.

Beware of market conditions. Know what market you are in before deciding to sell your home. In a buyer’s market, the inventory is high and buyers have a lot to choose from. In a seller’s market, inventory is low and buyers are often times more willing to buy and do some minor updating. The good news is that homes are sold in both markets, you just need to plan your selling strategy accordingly.

Home staging & redesign is an important element in the selling process. Staging your home will help you compete in any market. Home staging & redesign is a process that takes you through the task of preparing your home for sale. De-cluttering, packing, organizing, and accessorizing are elements of home staging. Once completed, you have the perfect package to present to your buyers.

It takes all six ingredients: location, condition, price, terms, market conditions, and home staging & redesign to be in agreement for a sale to take place. Be sure to include all six in your marketing plan. Using this simple recipe will ensure that you are competitive in any market.

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Simple Tips For Home Staging

Home staging is basically preparing a home in such a manner that it appeals to a maximum number of prospective buyers. It helps a seller in selling a home quickly. It also enables the seller to get a good price for his property. Therefore, it is an important aspect of sale which should not be taken lightly.

Tips for Home staging

1. De-clutter:

Most of us tend to keep on adding furniture and other items to our home over a period of time. More items in a home give it a cluttered appearance. De-cluttering improves the look of the house. A de-cluttered home gives a spacious appearance as well.

2. Grouping the furniture:

Sofas and chairs should be repositioned and other furniture pieces should be placed so that flow of traffic is not hindered. This helps in making the room user-friendly and give it a spacious look.

3. Lighting:

A well-lit home is warm and welcoming. So, ensure that your home has good lighting.

4. Make your home appear bigger:

In order to do this, some useful tips are, paint adjacent rooms in identical colours; if the dining room and kitchen are small, a seamless look will give it a spacious appearance. The illusion of large space can also be created by having drapes in the same colour as the room. This also gives an elegant and sophisticated look.

5. Neutral colours are more popular:

Painting a living room in neutral hues helps in enhancing the appeal of the house.

6. Using dark colour paints effectively:

Dark paints in bedrooms/ powder rooms or dining room give it a more cozy and intimate aura.

7. Present your art creatively:

Forget the cliché styles of displaying your art. Use your creativity to effectively display your curios and wall hangings. This will also go a long way in increasing the appeal of your home.

8. Add fresh foliage:

Decorating your home with fresh blooms and foliage adds to its appearance. You don’t have to pick the most expensive flowers or plants. Just fresh seasonal plants will do the trick. They add freshness to your home.

9.The bedroom should look serene:

For decorating, the bedroom luxurious linens and soft colours will help. These are known to have a positive effect in the minds of the buyer.

10. Improve the look of your bathrooms:

A simple step like polishing the tiles and replacing damaged fittings will suffice.

Though the list is not exhaustive, following these tips will definitely help you in presenting your home in such a condition that it is hard to resist. A well staged home fetches a better price for its owner.

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Real Estate Listings – How Email Marketing and Databases Sell Property

Email marketing is a significant tool for the real estate agent. At the centre of it all is your database. The better your database detail, the better your email marketing results.

As technology supports real estate even more, the database and how you use it will get ever stronger. The best real estate people have a database that they manage themselves and consistently grow through cold calling and prospecting.

Every person you speak to or meet with should go into your database with the relative contact detail and record of the connection. This would include email contact, although not everyone will want to be contacted with ongoing listings and property detail, so compliance to your country based email spam rules and regulations is essential.

The only people who should get regular emails from you regards any property sale or lease listing, are those that specifically recorded their agreement to do so.

So let’s assume that you know the email spam rules in your area and that you are doing the right thing in that regard. Here are some other great ideas for ongoing email contact.

  1. When you capture the persons information in your database you really have to include the contact criteria of the person and what property they are looking at now or may own. Your database has to have sufficient flexibility for that tabulation of information.
  2. Keep a record of all the property detail that has been sent to the person so you can refer back as necessary. Do not send too many emails in a short period of time. One a week or one a fortnight is generally the rule of thumb.
  3. Make sure your email allows the receiver to unsubscribe from future contact. Make it very easy for them to do that. Don’t send things to people that do not want it: the process will give your business a bad name, if not expose you to litigation for breaching email laws.
  4. Have a privacy statement on your website that explains to people how you manage their contact information and email. People are becoming more sensitive to online privacy, and laws now stipulate that you must tell them what you will do with their information and how you manage it. Confidentiality is critical with your database and email contact list. Do not share them with anyone else.
  5. If you send emails containing property detail you could send it as plain text or as HTML. The big trend is HTML for the presentational advantages achieved, and there are lots of great programs for real estate agents to use in this way. Importantly the HTML layout has to be in keeping with your branding and corporate image. You can get or create HTML templates to use in that regard, and then place the property detail inside the template.
  6. Format some of your emails to be read on a small smart-phone screen. This means that the email format should be long and narrow. Today many people first get their email on their handheld device and make choices to read it or delete it at that time. This makes it easier for them.
  7. If you send brochures by email, send them only as a pdf file attachment (not word format). That will preserve the layout and presentation just the way you want it.
  8. Auto responders are common tools of choice for real estate offices now. The auto responder should take the enquiry from the website and respond to the prospect immediately. This enables you to handle the enquiry later in the day with more specific property information or a telephone call.
  9. Website opt-in forms are common place now and should feature on all your main website pages where people first land. In this way you will gather the enquiry automatically for your database. The website generated enquiry should then be bounced to your database and office immediately for response and follow up. The opt-in form content you use on your website should be considered and planned. The content you capture should be that which you want for the enquiry follow up, but you may also want phone numbers and some detail of the property they require.
  10. Landing pages in your website have to be strategically planned. A landing page is something that is designed to attract both people and the search engines. Your real estate website should have more than one landing page; within limits you could have several landing pages including those for key suburbs you have in your territory, or the property disciplines you serve (sales, leasing, property management). That means your website could have 5 or so landing pages so that are optimised for search engine exposure.
  11. Free give-aways on a squeeze page design should also be handled. Every real estate website should have a squeeze page that is designed for one use only. That is to attract people to your database in exchange for some free information or offer. The squeeze page is different than a landing page mentioned above. For example your squeeze page could be offering a property report of local rental trends for landlords, or a hit list of issues to assist tenants to find new commercial premises.
  12. Personalise your emails with the first name of the person you are sending it to. Your auto responder should be able to do this for you.

These tips regards email marketing will help you get started in building that database. Keep your real estate database up to date and it will become a serious part of your business success.

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Real Estate Markets Still Going the Seller’s Way

Canada has been cruising along positive territory after posting negative numbers in 2009. Market experts and real estate analysts are expecting record performance from resale and home building segments. However, they hasten to add that the industry is not in a bubble since there is no evident speculation in the real estate markets.

What is apparent in Canadian real estate markets is that they are more buyer-driven than seller-driven, which is not really surprising in a market that is experiencing tight inventory situation across all segments. Under the present condition, home prices may be going a little over their real value in some real estate markets, but this not necessarily mean that the markets are in a bubble.

The Canadian Real Estate Association, in a recent announcement, reported that the resale segment is expected to post record performance in 2010, especially in the first half of the year. The market for resale home units is forecast to hit 527,300-level for 2010. This is equivalent to 13.3 percent growth in sales from 2009. There are no indications that speculation is getting into the decision making of both active buyers and sellers in real estate markets in Canada.

Industry experts have attributed these events in real estate markets to the lower interest rates and the intention of home buyers to make the buy before the harmonized sales tax is implemented. This is the prevailing situation in real estate markets in British Columbia and Ontario. Real estate markets are expected to go through adjustment phase once higher interest rates take effect in the second half of 2010.

Riding on its positive performance in 2009, the new home segment is expected to be one of the most active sectors for 2010. The seasonally-adjusted growth rate has breached the 186,300-mark in January. This is equivalent to a 5.8-percent jump from December 2010 home-starts sales. On the other hand, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation predicted a sustained growth in this segment for 2010 when it reported a total of 149,081 units of home-starts sold for 2009. In the same report released by CMHC, sales of starter home units in urban territories reached 165,200 in January 2010 which is equivalent to 4.4 percent growth over the same period last year. On the other hand, total sales of multiple housing units posted a 4.4 growth, while detached home starts yielded a 3.3 percent in January 2010.

Some sectors believe that the fear of possible bubble is being fueled by the remarkable rebound of real estate markets after the major economic downturn a couple of years back. However, market experts believe that this industry-leading performance will not be sustained. The frenzied activity will ultimately taper off once markets make the necessary corrections.

These positive developments in the real estate markets come in the heels of the recent announcement by the federal Competition Bureau that it is challenging the rules that are being imposed by the Canadian Real Estate Association. The Federal Bureau contends that the prevailing condition limits the range of choices for homeowners. This has led to situations where consumers are forced to get services they don’t need or desire.

The Competition Bureau has already filed with the Competition their application seeking to repel the rules that are being implemented by CREA, particularly those that apply on the use of the MLS. There are ongoing talks between the Competition Bureau and the CREA to come out with a mutual agreement to resolve the contentious issues although there are no substantial results have come out from these talks.

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How to Sell Your Own Home – Part 2 – Staging

Part 2 – Staging Sells Your Home Fast.

In 2009 many people began a business in real estate sales by selling their own house. Today, (2010) many of these same people are still trying to sell that first home. The market is tough and with so many homes on the market, today’s buyer is looking for an extraordinary home at a reasonable price, not an ordinary home at an extraordinary price. If you are a For Sale by Owner seller who is not partnering with a REALTOR®, this article will provide you with some guidelines that will help speed the process up and make your home extraordinary.

For example, using our checklist as a guide, the first task after setting the proper price, (see article 1) is preparing your home to sell or „staging.“

Before we get into the heart of staging, we need to discuss disclosure. Staging does not mean hiding. As the seller, you should be aware that the seller’s disclosure of material facts is an important part of a real estate transaction. We suggest you first get your home inspected by a licensed home inspector. Make sure that your home is termite free, and has good plumbing; water quality, lead, radon, septic tank, asbestos, electricity.

If you are partnering with a REALTOR®, they will know of a professional who is reliable and experienced. If you are going strictly on your own, you can look up their listings in the phone book under Home and Building Inspectors. Beware however. Anyone armed with a „do it yourself“ book and a business license can call themselves a home inspector. Some states do not require the inspector to pass a test or be certified. Make sure that you them through the Better Business Bureau. Ask for their credentials and verify references. It’s a little effort that results in maximum benefits.

As we discussed in the last article on „Setting the Price,“ the first thing to remember in selling your home fast is to highlight the best parts of your home. Remember – „first impression“ is important. Just because many of you are still living in the home you are selling, it doesn’t mean that the home has to appear „lived in.“

Make your home attractive to a potential buyer by making sure the first view is their most attractive view. Walk to the street in front of your home and turn around. What do you see? Be honest with yourself; would you pay the price you’re asking. Is the lawn cut, curb edges manicured?

Are the bushes trimmed? Is the paint fresh or chipped and fading? Has the roof seen better days; missing shingles or curled up in spots? Are windows broken, screens missing? Is there clutter everywhere, bikes and toys lying all over? Are fences down or missing slats or links? Are walkways broken, cracked or missing? To answer the obvious question here – NO, the new buyer does not want to do those repairs themselves, no matter how attractive the price is.

Ok, assuming the outside checklist is finished, walk inside the home, with that same critical eye and notepad in hand. Make sure the inside of your house is attractive. A well decorated home, with freshly washed or painted walls and clean carpets, with furniture neatly arranged, will sell faster and for more money than one that looks „lived“ in. De-personalize the home. Get rid of the personal mementos and wall decorations, sports plaques or your child’s finger painting you have tacked onto the refrigerator as well as un-clutter and re-arrange desk(s) and bookshelves.

Clean the kitchen and bathrooms until they shine. These are the two most critically looked at areas of the house, right after the living room. If you have problems doing this, you may need to hire a home stager and a professional cleaning crew so that your home will look organized, clean and tidy.

After your home is in its best performance, you can also hire a professional photographer to take some great pictures of your home. Why you ask? Because in today’s market, many home buyers and their buying broker, look for houses on the web first.

If you belong to a FSBO service, they usually have a spot for you to put pictures of the home. Do not trust this requirement to your trusty digital camera you got for Christmas. Get a professional who knows real estate sales. Remember that first impression is an important thing, how can you sell your home fast if your home itself does not look attractive on the web. You want them willing to see your home after they have viewed the pictures you put up..

After all those things set, you can start to make an „open house.“ Open houses should be scheduled on the time in which your home shows its best performance or condition. For example, if you have a beautiful garden, show it off during the morning before the flowers start to wilt. If there’s one thing that you love most about your home, be sure to share it with potential buyers, but don’t hover. Let the potential buyers look for themselves. Let them ask questions and answer them honestly but then shut up. As a professional REALTOR® who partners with FSBO sellers, I have seen more first time sellers talk the customer out of buying, than I have ever seen them talk one into buying.

With today’s influx of foreclosures, if you need to sell your home fast, you may need some help from a professional in order to take advantage of their buyers list and their nationwide marketing.

If you are partnering up with the services of a real estate firm, your REALTOR® will be able to help you determine what needs to be repaired or corrected.

In conclusion, selling your home fast by yourself is not an impossible task. Those expenses you will incur to freshen up the home are worthwhile when compared to the money gained in the sale.

By Hans Rosielle – GRI

Property Mill Real Estate Group LLC

A Fixed Fee REALTORS® Guide for the FSBO Seller.

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Source by Hans Rosiele

Selling Timeshare – Here’s How to Sell Your Timeshare Fast Without Fees

Timeshares are a great way to enjoy your time off with your family and friends. You fly to whatever exotic destination your resort is located at and then all you have to do is relax and have fun. But the fun stops as soon as you run out of money to pay for air tickets along with ever increasing maintenance and other fees. So, before you know it, you are just paying and paying without ever setting foot on your timeshare ever again.

This becomes more evident any time the economy goes south, like it’s happening right now because timeshare owners can’t keep spending and they reach a point where selling timeshare makes more sense than keeping something they never use.

Sell Your Timeshare

Listen, it really doesn’t matter if you have to sell your timeshare because you need some cash desperately or because you can’t go on vacation anymore. The fact of the matter is that in order to get rid of the timeshare property, you must come up with a correct strategy and set a selling point that will be make your timeshare attractive to others while still making you a profit. After all, many timeshare owners make the mistake of asking way too much and never sell or worse, they have no idea what the current value of their property is and they sell it for way too low and they end up losing money.

Look, the first thing to do is find out how much your timeshare is worth. You see, not all timeshares are created equal and there are resorts that are always in high demand, while others need more creativity to make them attractive to buyers. You can find out how much to ask for your property by filing out a quick form online with some basic information such as your name and the resort name and you’ll get the information you are looking for. This is entirely free and fast.

Once you know how much to ask, you need to decide whether to hire an agent to handle the sale or decide whether you want to sell it yourself. Each one has its pros and cons and they depend entirely on how much time you have before you must sell, how comfortable are you dealing with contracts and other legal papers and how savvy are you when it comes to listing your property.

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24 Expert Home Staging Tips

„The first step in maximizing the sale of your home is to properly prepare it to show at its best. These 24 Expert Home Staging Tips can help you in a big way in either a hot or a cold real estate market, increasing your chances of selling, the speed in which it sells, and the price you get.“


Any small deficiency can take away from the appeal of your home to the potential buyer. A leaky bathroom faucet, a broken door bell, or peeling paint in the bathroom may seem minor to you, but these items could be a sign of overall owner neglect to the home buyer. That is why these minor problems should be either repaired, covered over, or replaced. All these signs of owner neglect must be eliminated. These items may be easily overlooked, so make sure you inspect your home thoroughly so that you can find and repair them. The best thing about these minor repairs is that they are relatively inexpensive and most you can do yourself in a short period of time.

KEY POINT #1 – BUYERS BUY ON EMOTION: believe it or not, almost every buyer buys on emotion (you may remember when you bought your current house, it „felt good“ – that’s emotion talking, not logic). The savvy homeseller looks for ways to present the house to make an emotional connection with the buyer. As the basis of the 24 Expert Home Staging Tips in this article, this is probably the most important point.


There is convincing evidence that buyers make their minds up during the first 1/2 minute or so, when first viewing a property. That’s why the front walkway, steps, front door, and entrance are so important. Even if your master bedroom on the second floor is gorgeous, if a buyer is turned off by the time they get upstairs, it’s probably too late. Make sure your front walkway is clear of weeds and debris (and ice in winter!), do your best to make the entrance clean and tidy (put away extra shoes and boots), consider painting the front door (nice and shiny!) – creates a great first impression; consider replacing a rusted mailbox, and so on. If your front screen door is torn, replace the screen.

KEY POINT #2 – BUYERS MAKE THEIR MINDS UP QUICKLY, USUALLY IN THE FIRST 30 SECONDS: Professional marketers are paid huge sums to catch people’s interest in the first 30 seconds; they know that after that time, they either have them, or it’s too late Another key point in the 24 Expert Home Staging Tips.


Professional Home Stagers know that most people look for more living space when they are looking for a new home – and therefore „de-cluttering“ is the first and foremost technique that they use. There are subtle ways to make your home look bigger than it really is. The first thing that you can do to make rooms appear large is by eliminating bulky, unnecessary furniture. A room having more open space appears larger than a room of the same size crowded with furniture. Also, properly placed mirrors can double the size of a room, and you may want to consider purchasing one or more of these. Take unnecessary clothing out of hall and bedroom closets, and store these elsewhere. Having extra room in your closets gives a more luxurious, prosperous feel to the home.


Most people like houses with large, bright, cheerful rooms. How do you get this appearance? If you have a lot of windows, half your problem is solved. Don’t keep the blinds closed – open the drapes and let the sun shine in! If your house doesn’t receive a lot of sunshine, check outside to see if there is something cutting off your light. The solution can be as simple as clearing overgrown shrubs or just washing the windows.

If you have a bright room, hang new, fully mature plants in the room. This will give the impression that the room is perfect for growing beautiful plants. If you have some rooms which receive little sunlight, brighten them up with a light coloured coat of paint. Finally, one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of any room is to simply increase the wattage of the lightbulbs – the room will not only show better, it will also look bigger.


Just as you accentuate the bright, clean rooms in your home, you should also hide any negative selling features. One negative selling feature could be any unsightly debris in your neighbour’s outside yard (especially something like an old car or trailer). Don’t try to hide this with heavy drapery, as this is one of the first things that the prospective buyer will look behind. Try to distort the view from the window by hanging a large plant in front of it. If you want to spend more money, you can install shutters. Make sure that the shutter still let the light shine in. Finally, depending with your relationship with your neighbours, you could ask them to clean it up!

KEY POINT #3 – YOUR JOB AS A SELLER IS TO MAKE THE PROSPECTIVE BUYER ‚RELAX‘ AND TO FEEL COMFORTABLE ‚AT HOME‘: when buyers relax, they imagine themselves in the home, and that is the first step to getting an offer.


Buyers relax and feel like buying, when they are comfortable. One terrific way to make anyone feel comfortable is to keep your house cozy and warm in winter, and luxuriously cool in summer. During the colder months, even if the house is not normally kept that warm, you don’t want to turn off the buyers by having the house too cold. People may wonder if there are problems with the insulation. It may cost a little more on your hydro or gas bill, but this is not the time to economize. The same rule applies during summer, If it is very hot outside, a nicely cool house will make potential buyers feel more comfortable. Showing off your central air conditioning is a definite selling advantage.


Remember Key Point #1 – Buyers buy on emotion. Music has subliminal powers. Stores pipe in soft background music to put customers in a comfortable, relaxed mood for (what else?) buying. If you choose to play music, keep the volume turned down low. Avoid playing music that overly agitates the senses, such as hard rock’n’roll. The music should be just ‚there‘, a soothing selling feature that does not intrude upon peoples‘ conversation.


Each home has its own distinct odors, some of which can negatively impact the buyer. Those to watch out for: pets, heavy smokers, cooking smells, spice. Use the best products available to get rid of these undesirable odors, and remember to ‚air out‘ the house by opening a window or two, prior to any open house or showing.


If your home looks gorgeous in spring, you will have trouble conveying this to the buyer in the dead of winter. During the time you own the home, you should take pictures of the outside of the house during different seasons. Show these photos to alleviate uncertainty in the buyer’s mind.


There is almost no better or cheaper way to create a good first impression than by buying a new, clean doormat. First impressions are absolutely crucial, and an old worn out doormat is a telltale sign of owner neglect. Also, a good doormat will stop mud from being tracked into your home during the show periods.


As mentioned earlier, first impressions are vital Many people drive up to a house and then drive away immediately if they feel uncomfortable with the property’s outside appearance. Remember, some home buyers view many homes in one day, and they may feel that they can cut down on their work by not spending time viewing homes they are not comfortable with. For example, if your curtains are drawn and most of the lights are off, your house may appear like an impregnable fortress. Put lots of lights on, including the outside porch light, so that they buyer feels welcome.


Almost everybody loves a fireplace! If you have a fireplace, you should use it for all its worth. Season permitting, light a fire every time the house is being shown, and during open houses. A firelit room looks and smells attractive. You can also prove to people that your fireplace does actually work.


Smells can bring back many nostalgic feelings for a potential buyer. One way you can elicit this is to put some freshly baked cookies or freshly baked bread in the oven. This is an old real estate technique, but it certainly does work. You can even offer freshly baked goods to people during the open house. Another alternative is to put several drops of vanilla extract onto a piece of aluminum foil; then place this in a 250 degree oven. Turn the heat off after 10 minutes, but the aroma will linger throughout the house for hours. Another point, make sure you don’t overdo it with air deodorizers. The last thing you want is for your house to smell like Lysol. This gives the impression that you are trying to hide some unpleasant odor. The more natural your home smells, the more comfortable the buyer will feel. Potpourri is probably the best natural scent, and try to place some in a decorative bowl in key areas – the entrance hallway, the bathroom, the master bedroom.


You’d be surprised how many people get used to their old, musty shower curtains, but this is the first thing a buyer will notice upon entering the bathroom. Shower curtains are relatively cheap and they can make the room appear brighter.


To accentuate the bathroom, you should put out fresh towels and new bars of soap. Most people do these things before they have guests over, so why shouldn’t you put these things out for potential buyers? To add to the effect, you can use nice, perfumed bars.


This is a tough concept for many homeowners to embrace, but professional Home Stagers know that many times, highly personal touches in any home, while they may have a strong emotional connection with the current owner, will not connect with the potential buyer, and may in fact serve to disconnect with them emotionally. For example, things like a doll collection, or a plate collection taking up an entire wall, large amounts of personal family photos displayed throughout the house, tend to prevent the buyer from identifying with the house. It’s always a good idea to remove these highly personal items from the home – the idea is to present the house for sale in a state that everyone can identify with.


Even if you do not have a green thumb, you can still dress up your property with flowers. Just go to the nearest nursery and buy fully mature plants that are ready to bloom. A little watering each week can keep these flowers up to par. Be sure to get plants that have already started blooming, and plant them close together for a collective impact. One or two pots of blooming plants on the front step or porch can add immediate charm to the home.

KEY POINT #4: WOMEN ALMOST ALWAYS MAKE THE HOME BUYING DECISION: sorry, men, but with heterosexual couples in North America, and even in our multi-cultural world today, women are almost always the driving force behind home buying, and almost always have the final say on which property is purchased.

Most of the above pointers are designed to appeal especially to women; here are a few which may appeal to both men and women


A properly organized workbench area can be a real selling feature for any home. Don’t leave the work area cluttered and disorganized. Tools always look great when they are neatly mounted on a wall. Also, be sure that there is adequate light in this room.


This properly falls into the category of ‚first impressions‘. A deteriorated driveway only spells more work for the prospective buyer. Repair cracks and potholes, pull out pesky weeds or get the driveway redone if it needs the work (spraying a new surface can be surprisingly affordable). In the winter, you should make sure the driveway is clear of snow and icy patches. The cleaner the driveway is, the easier it seems to manage to the new home owner. If the house is vacant, have a neighbourhood kid do the shovelling for you. A potential buyer will be impressed that a vacant home is so well kept.


One of the most effective things you can do to give your home ‚curb appeal‘ is to put on a fancy garage door. This is a relatively easy way to add a lot of class to an otherwise dull property. Also, garage doors are prime candidates for a fresh coat of paint. A nice, shiny semi-gloss adds immediate appeal to any home, and can be done in an afternoon.


Keep your trees and hedges trimmed, keep your lawn well manicured, keep the grass well watered, edge the areas between the sidewalk and the grass – all this work will add to a good first impression of the house. If you have a dog, make absolutely sure that the lawn is clean. Weed the flower garden, and keep your deck or patio clean and clear of debris.


Put away all clutter, make sure the beds are made and rooms are tidy during showings. Polish the floors, vacuum the rugs, paint or re-paper the walls where needed. Replace burnt-out bulbs, clean or replace shades, lenses, covers, etc. Check all switches for operation. Check all doors that they open and close easily and freely; oil any hinges that squeak. Clean and polish all appliances – stove, fridge, washer, dryer, etc. Pay special attention to stovetop burners and the ventilating hood and fan.


Trailers, boats, campers, additional automobiles, and so on should be stored elsewhere until after the sale. Any items which must be stored outside should be neatly stored and/or covered.


Buyers are always more relaxed when the vendors are not there; take the dog for a walk, go for a coffee, take the kids to the park, whatever – but try and be away during showings.


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Great Tips on How to Improve the Value of Your Home and the Enjoyment of Your Family

Many people are choosing to stay put in their homes right now rather than selling their house home in this poor real estate market. Because of this, it is a great time to do some renovations or changes to your home not only because you do not want to sell your home right now but also because the costs to make improvements on your home are about 20% lower than they were prior to the recession. This article will discuss some of the home improvements you should do besides the kitchen and the bathrooms to get the best value back on your investment. It will talk about how to use Cincinnati masonry to have a new fireplace installed as well as having Cincinnati brick repair help to create an outdoor room by installing a new stone patio outside.

One of the things that many house hunters look for when they are looking at prospective homes is a fireplace in the home. Although, many people do not tend to use them that often, fireplaces are high up on the required list of items a lot of prospective buyers request in a new home. There are two different types of fireplaces, wood burning or gas and depending on where you live, you may have a choice on what type to put in your home. To reduce pollution, some states now require all new construction to only have gas fireplaces. Building this does not require the traditional stone chimney like a wood burning one would. If you like the ease of the gas fireplace you can also convert your current wood burning one into a gas one too.

There are several different styles of fireplaces that exist and the key to having a good quality one is to have a good masonry business to build a solid chimney and overall fireplace structure. If you live in the West many homes have more of a smooth stone surface that goes along with an adobe style home where in the East a traditional red brick fireplace is very common. Fireplaces and fire pits are also becoming very popular for outdoor areas as well and this leads us to the next home improvement, building a new patio or outdoor area to increase the value of your property.

Creating a new outdoor patio area complete with a fireplace or fire pit as well as a high tech grill and cooking area are all very popular right now. Many homeowners have realized that it is an inexpensive way to give your family an additional living space to enjoy without any construction like if you were to put on an addition to your house. Many people are sparing no expense putting in huge gourmet cooking islands, beautiful stone fireplaces and gorgeous multi tiered patios or decks.

Next time you think about improving your home, think about installing a new patio or putting a new fireplace in your living room. Both are things that your family will enjoy and will also increase the value of your home too.

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Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

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Real Estate Signs – How to Use Them Effectively

Selling real estate is a tough proposition, whether you are a home owner or a realtor. However, there are some tools that you can use to improve your chances of a sale by attracting the attention of potential customers. Once you decide you want to sell a property, you have the gigantic task of getting the word out there so everyone knows that the house is available. Putting up real estate signs near the property and at other relevant locations is an effective way to spread the word.

Some homeowner associations may have rules pertaining to putting up these signs in your yard. It is important to ensure that you are not breaking any size or placement restrictions while putting up the For Sale signs.

Signs by Owners

For Sale by Owner signs are put up by home owners who do not want to take help from any realtor. These signs are generally simple as they have little information that needs to be included.

For Sale Signs by Agents

Real estate signs put up by realtors have to include much more information. Such signs serve the dual purpose of attracting a potential customer’s attention toward the property, and of promoting the brokerage and agent. Generally, these signs contain the name and address of the brokerage, office phone number, company logo, and web site information. Some signs may also include additional panels with information such as price reduction, actual asking price, and agent’s cell phone number.

Placement of Signs

The basic reason for putting up the sign is to gain the attention of any potential buyer or interested party. Once you have designed the perfect sign, it has to be placed well for it to have a maximum effect.

  • One vital aspect to remember is that the sign has to be visible from the street. While placing the sign, you need to factor in the existence of parked cars, trees, and even telephone poles that might affect the visibility of the sign.
  • It is a marvelous idea to place the sign near the sidewalk.
  • For homes located at corners, it might be prudent to install two signs – one on each street.
  • There is no point in placing signs at places that do not attract too many visitors. If the house is at a faraway location where traffic is limited, consider asking home owners who live closer to busy streets whether you could place directional signage in their yard.

Signs that give real estate information are an effective and inexpensive way to advertise the property. You can customize these signs to meet all your requirements.

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Sell Your Own Home Within 3 Weeks

If you’re a home owner suffering under the current economic climate, you might be looking to sell your own home in order to regain financial control. This is an extremely good idea, as you can always buy another home once the hard times are over. If you’re a bit uneasy about opting for a private sale, you might be surprised at how easy it actually is, especially once you have a solid plan in place.

It’s very possible to have your home sold within 21 days if you know what you’re doing. In fact, the current housing market is jam-packed with buyers because of the low prices, so it’s actually quite easy. The tough part will be getting a solid price without dropping down too much. See, buyers know how desperate home owners are to sell, which makes it a tough game. However, there are also a few powerful strategies you can use to sell for a higher price.

The first step to make this plan successful is to solidify your confidence in the price. Get in a third-party valuer, and get his or her full, honest opinion. You want to aim for a value in the top range, and be prepared to make a hard sell for it. Trust me, it IS possible to get a high price even in a buyers market!

Once you’ve got a confident price, it’s time to advertise. The key is to make your ads unique and original, and to use the internet for all it’s worth. There are plenty of free real estate websites out there that give your property good exposure to a wide crowd of buyers. You can even pay a few bucks to get extra viewing space in many sites.

To make your ads powerful and original, put yourself into the shoes of a salesperson. Be exciting, be confident, and NEVER use the word „negotiable“! Saying this word is like saying „I picked a price and just added $20,000 so you can knock a bit off if you like“. Really sounds confident, doesn’t it?

When you’re ads have seen some good exposure, you’ll start to get calls from prospective buyers. Invite them into your home, and make sure the place is clean! There are a few methods you can do this. The first is to invite each buyer one at a time to give the impression of a close, personal relationship. The other is to hold an event-like mass showing. Each have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you.

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