Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy a House? Or What Do Realtors Actually Do for All That Money

Real estate as a profession has been around as long as there has been a United States and yet many people have little idea how Realtors actually function. This understanding is exasperated by the fact that no two Realtors practice in the exact same way. While the aim is the same, the methods employed are often quite different. Still, the basic process remains unchanged.

This matters because both buyers and sellers are often challenged by their living situation–or lack thereof–to the point of severe stress both emotional and financial. Understand the process can be a great help.

Buyers, for instance, tend to think of real estate sales persons as someone who wants to sell them a house, that they will even try to talk a person into buying a particular property in order to make another commission. While some new licenses may start out like a glorified used car salesman with this idea they rarely last. Over 70% of new agents fail in the first year.

What actually happens is the Realtor learns all they can about a person’s needs and finances and combs the market for a home to fit those needs and financial limitations. This last issue is usually the toughest. Buyers strive to get the most home for the least cost and sellers strive to sell for the highest price. Add direct competition from other buyers and the landscape can be challenging at best.

This is where a good Realtor is worth his or her weight in gold. Well, maybe not their weight in gold, although this may be true in some cases, but a considerable amount of money at a time when financial resources are usually stretched to the limit.

Helping a buyer into the right home at the right price is the job and Realtors have been doing just that for as long as there have been Realtors. If they didn’t they would have gone extinct ages ago especially in today’s computer driven markets.

Once the right home is found the job is just beginning. The best price and terms must be negotiated. This is an art in itself and can save the home buyer a sizable fortune. Here’s where the network of Realtor affiliated with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) comes into play.

Both the buyer and the seller are typically represented by separate agents, each legally required to serve their client’s needs and no other. Buyers and sellers do not directly interact. This single factor facilitates successful agreements more than any other means since Realtors as experienced negotiators can put together deals that individuals usually cannot as witnessed by the staggering rate of negotiation failures experienced by FSBOs (For Sale by Owner sellers working without representation)

Once the deal is struck the next challenge is getting to the closing table through financing, home inspections, attorney and title hang-ups and even timing. The previous owner must leave at the same time the new owners are ready to move in. This is often on the same say, the day of the closing. Here too expertise pays off while sellers who manage to strike a deal experience major fall-through issues and failed closings forcing them to start over with all the accompanying costs and missed opportunity.

Realtors facilitate successful transactions not by pushing their own agenda but by expediting their client’s needs and goals.

Not only is trying to sell someone a home counterproductive in a world of cautious buyers it undermines an experience agent’s foundation for continues success in the profession: repeat customers.

Sellers too often labor under misconception about the process of selling their property. If they gave it any consideration at all they might think that what doesn’t really happen to buyers actually does. No successful agent goes out and tries to talks someone into buying a house.

What actually happens is much like marketing any product or commodity. Simply put, the Realtor promotes the listing to the buying public in the best possible light. This process too is greatly facilitated by MLS associations as a repository of homes for sale. The MLS is the single best source for home sales in the country where over 90% of buyers find their home through agents affiliated with a regional MLS. The goal is that no one interested in buying a home is left unaware of the seller’s offering. And that the best possible light means the place must show well and the price must be competitive with other similar homes since buyers will always choose the best home at the best price.

This can be as much of a challenge for sellers as it is for buyers. Again, the seller is looking to maximize their investment which does not usually include fixing the place up. If they wanted to make improvements or repairs they wouldn’t be selling in the first place and for the price they are getting the buyer should be willing to accept less than picture perfect–at least that’s often the common thinking. This is just as reasonable as buyer’s being put off by homes that need work and in their opinion overpriced but not conducive to anyone getting what they want and need.

What results is conflict–almost every time. Solving these innate issues is what Realtor do best: Finding the right home for the buyers based on their needs not their own. Or market the seller’s home effectively to bring in a ready, willing, and able buyer. Then making it work for both parties all the way to the closing table and a fine new home for the buyer and a big check for the seller to enhance their bottom line as well as their living situation. Not bad, not bad at all.

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How to Sell a Property to a Stingy Buyer

During these difficult economic times, it seems the buyer holds all the advantages when you’re trying to sell a property. You may already have had to lower your price, and the buyers still aggressively apply pressure to get it for less. This can prove to be very frustrating when your home has been on the market for a long time and the few bites that you do get are an uphill struggle. You may begin to wonder if it is at all possible to sell your house. The first thing you really need to understand is – there is always a buyer.

This may surprise you. In fact, you may have been wondering if there are any buyers left out there at all. The good news is that whether you need to sell your home quickly or not there are buyers that want your home.

Qualify the Buyer

Each buyer is different and so their reasons will vary for looking at your home. You need to qualify the buyer. Are they just real estate tourists or are they seriously interested in buying your property? Find out why they are interested in wanting to buy a property. This will tell you what their motivations are and it gives you a little leverage that goes beyond the price of the house. It will also give you a better idea of which buyers you should be negotiating with and are not just a waste of your time. If someone really likes your home they will come back unless it is unrealistically beyond their price range.

Why are Buyers Motivated?

So what are the more common reasons that someone would want to buy your home? Here are some of the more common reasons:

They really like your neighbourhood – These buyers aren’t going anywhere. If you price your home favourably compared to everyone else in the area, you will sell your home quickly.

It’s close to their work – If they like conveniences, try alluding to nearby schools, shopping centres, etc.

Their friends and family live nearby – Again, this type of buyer is definitely looking for something in the area. If they don’t buy your property they will buy someone else’s in the neighbourhood.

Your home is convenient to entertainment and activities – This is probably a younger buyer, but nightlife is just as important as schools are to other buyers.

Negotiating with a Stingy Buyer

Ok, so you know why they want your home, now don’t be fooled by their antics. If the price is right, your bargaining position may be a lot stronger than you think. It’s all a matter of perception. They may say that they are also interested in a couple of other properties. You can counter with that’s all right; we have another interested party coming to look. Once you know they want your home, it’s much more difficult for them to say otherwise.

Be strong. Buyers may try to let you think that they are willing to walk away from the deal. They may also let you believe that they have all the time in the world to buy. These pressure points can be frustrating, but you need to stick to your guns to win the upper hand. If they want your home, they will buy.

What if I Need to Sell Right Away?

There is little you can do in negotiations if you are under a credit crunch. If you are in arrears or if you have a bad debt situation, the need to sell your home quickly may be vital. The longer you take to sell, the more desperate you become. Worse yet, the buyer will pick up on this and will play it to the max.

You do have another option. If you want to sell your home quickly, you can check out Rapid-Sale. This property purchasing business will buy just about any property in the UK and provide you with an offer within days. There is nothing like it for anyone wanting to sell their home quickly and maintain a good credit rating.

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Understanding Your Greatest Opportunity To Succeed With For Sale By Owner

Home sales represent a vital phase for every home owner, regardless of whether you’re utilizing the dwelling to raise your family in or looking for the profit options found with real estate investment. Of the paths you could follow in order to achieve this goal, one of the most sought-after possibility relates to for sale by owner strategies.

This pursuit has drawn the attention of many real estate owners since it creates the chance to save thousands when you compare the outcome to the use of a real estate professional. Needless to say, before you make any effort to pursue this sales opportunity, it is vital to recognize the strengths and weaknesses which are related with this sell my house path.

While the financial savings offered with the for sale by owner strategy is undoubtedly the strength of this pursuit, several decide to pass on the savings as a result of the cons of this process. Real estate agents do represent a large cost when it relates to home sales but you get several benefits with their services. You tap into an individual who is devoted to the sale of your home.

Furthermore, they represent access to one of a kind resources which greatly increase your opportunity to make sales. The resources include on-line sites that promote sales, a network of agents seeking opportunities for their investors and access to a trained individual with years of real estate sales experience. In the end anybody can perform several of the tasks which are offered by a real estate agent to sell my house and you are just paying thousands to access the resources they can utilize.

When you understand the value that is associated with these resources, it convinces several to abandon the sale by owner opportunity in order to increase the chance of making a sale. Rather than being forced to pursue this avenue of sales, cut out the middle man of the real estate agent and search for an opportunity which can provide you with all those important resources at a part of a cost.

When you combine those resources with your drive to sell my house, you would greatly increase your odds of selling when compared to attempting this task on your own. This will supply you with the best elements of each sales opportunity and save you money as you make a sale on your real estate investment.

As having a residence is a fundamental requirement in modern society, the demand in the real estate market would forever be strong. How you tap into this market will decide not only your opportunity to sell but even the chances you have of getting the asking price on your home.

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Source by Jens Raun

"Sleevies" and Duty of Care

What are „Sleevies“?

You may not have heard of a „sleevie“, but it is one of the names given to a property that an owner wants to sell, but doesn’t want to list on the market at the moment – nothing to do with a shirt!

Owners often provide licensees with potential listings by telling them that they have a property for sale, but that if the licensee has a buyer to give him a call, take them through the property and if they get him a deal, then he will sign a listing (Agency Agreement).

Introducing people to properties without a signed authority.

The Real Estate Agents Authority answer to the question of whether a licensee (a licensed salesperson) can take a purchaser through a vendor’s home without first having a signed agency agreement in place was that a licensee must not – offer or market any land or business unless authorised by a client through an agency agreement – that means it must be listed.

Rigid application of this rule means that licensees have been advised to avoid these circumstances or, at least, have a signed agency agreement effective on a temporary basis. This authority in writing from a vendor would be needed in a defense of any disciplinary proceedings resulting from such introduction at any time in the future.

So the days of what was known as „sleevie“ listings, and a vendor saying – „Bring buyers through and when you get a deal I will sign up!“ – have gone!

Licensees are also required to provide a Duty of Care.

All licensees now have a Duty of Care to the Client (Vendor) and the Customer (Purchaser) which now means:

1. Known defects about a property must be disclosed.

2. Suspected defects must also be disclosed, or the vendor provides written confirmation of no defects.

3. When a client is aware of a problem and does not give permission for it to be disclosed, the licensee cannot continue to work for that client.

The use of Pre-sale Inspection Reports would be one way of providing the necessary disclosures.

If a vendor is aware of all the maintenance and building issues associated with his property, the vendor could provide this information and data themselves.

Another way is to obtain a clause from your lawyer to insert into the agreement confirming to buyers‘ their acknowledgement of certain defects.

Whatever the situation, this is one area where the assistance and knowledge of your solicitor will be invaluable.

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Source by Ian North

Real Estate Agent Slogans

Catchy taglines are everywhere in advertising. Whether they rhyme, or they inspire, or they create a memorable image, taglines are something every advertising agency works hard to craft. How many of us know, „Like a good neighbor“ or „Just do it“? While you might not create a slogan as memorable as those, you should be able to come up with something that your local clients will always think of. Need a little inspiration to get started? Here are some suggestions for slogans and ways to get the creativity rolling.

When you do come up with a slogan, you need to use it throughout your advertising and on your website. That way, people will be faced with the association frequently and they will be better able to keep your name and the slogan together.

Your slogan should be short and sweet. Try your best to keep it under eight words. Anything longer will just deter people instead of drawing them in. It should also make sense for the brand you are creating.

One thing you can do is come up with a rhyming slogan. Case in point – a Realtor named Scott Geller tagged „The Home Seller“ after his name and because it rolls off the tongue so smoothly, it has become all one phrase. And, that makes it easy to advertise. His word of mouth campaign keeps his advertising costs low.

Your slogan should make a tug on the heartstrings, too. You are taking part in one of the most important events in a person’s life. By letting your customers know what you can do in terms of customer service, your slogan will help quickly convey what you can do. Consider something like, „Jane Smith – Helping Your Family Make the Right Move“.

Avoid any slogans that are bland or generic. They won’t work to set you apart from your competition, and they might even work against you. If your slogan is generic, your potential clients might think you are, too, and that you won’t be the best agent they can find. Think about something like, „I’ll take the stress out of your home buying experience“, or „Call the Carson City condo specialist“.

You can also consider your location for your slogan. When you add in your place, it not only helps make you the personal expert for someone, you also boost your search engine ranking.

Creating an image in your potential client’s mind is an effective slogan, too. Assuring your client you can solve the mystery of home buying or be their personal navigator makes that slogan unique and memorable at the same time.

If creativity is still escaping you, you can contract this process out and hire a professional. Some will even blend the slogan into your total advertising plan, and not charge you too much for it.

Now, if you come up with a slogan and you test it on your friends and family but you receive a negative reaction, be ready to set that slogan aside and pick something else. You should also not take it personally. Try out another one and keep going until you do find one that is well received.

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4 Objectives Of Home Sellers

When a homeowner decides, he is ready and willing to sell his home, he must examine, using the utmost degree, of objective introspective, why he has decided to do so, and what he wants to achieve/ accomplish (his personal objectives). In my, over a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have determined, there are a wide variety of reasons, but, in the vast majority of instance, these fall into 4 specific categories. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to review, examine and consider, 4 objectives of most home sellers.

1. Best possible price: Obviously, when one sells his house, he hopes to receive the highest, best possible, price, for it! However, to do so, requires a strategy and focus, and the realization and recognition, the listing and selling prices, might be considerably different entities, in certain instances. These sellers should have a thorough discussion with their real estate professional, to come to a meeting of the minds, to determine what price to list, the house at, and the reasoning. strategic purposes. Depending on many factors, setting the price, right/ correctly, from the start, generally, garners the best price. This does not mean, merely setting a high price, because there are many instances, where doing so, may do harm, to the final result. Smart homeowners have a complete discussion, before they proceed!

2. Shortest period of time: There’s many reasons, getting the home sold, in a relatively short period of time, is beneficial to a homeowner. Studies indicate, in the vast majority of cases, the best, selling price, is generally offered, in the first few weeks, because, that is when, it is perceived, the house is hot! Many potential buyers tend to wonder, if a house is great, why didn’t it sell, sooner! Generally, this occurs, when the listing price is higher than it should be! In addition, one should understand the opportunity – cost of money, because a homeowner must continue paying the costs associated with the house, until it closes (including taxes, utilities, mortgage payments, upkeep, etc). One should also understand the longer the process lingers, the greater, the stresses and inconveniences!

3. Best terms: Often, price is not the only factor involved. Some buyers might put more money down, while others might be willing to waive contingencies, such as for receiving a mortgage, etc. The fewer the contingencies, the less might go wrong!

4. Least hassle: When homeowner and agent, have a complete conversation, and share strategy and process ideas and considerations, there will generally be less hassle. Understand, often, the process of selling one’s house, is a tense period of time!

Professional, quality real estate agents, recognize, understand, and fully examine and consider, the seller’s objectives, and do everything possible, to provide the best possible service and advice. Will you be guided accordingly?

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Set Your Home Apart From The Rest

With so many homes on the market, you need to make sure that yours stands out for buyers. When selling your property, there are some important steps that if taken, will make your home the most appealing and desirable in any crowd of competitors. Follow the suggestions below and your home will sell faster and for the highest possible price!

Separate from the Home

I am going to start with what is probably the hardest thing to do for most sellers: getting into the right mindset. Before you can sell your home or condo, you need to truly let go of the property, and look to the future. Remind yourself of the reasons you are selling, and that the property is simply a business deal. Doing this will make the process much easier.

Remember, despite what you may think, your home is not perfect. It is not the most wonderful house on the market in that price range. Buyer’s all have different taste. Don’t be upset if one buyer doesn’t like a certain part of your home. Just keep reminding yourself it is just a house.

Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Keep the exterior of your property trim, tidy, and inviting. There are many simple ways to improve the exterior of your home:

1. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, weed, and edge.

2. Make sure that the shrubs and trees are full of life. Do this by watering them regularly, and possibly replacing them with more colorful and vibrant plants.

3. Pressure wash the sidewalks, driveway, curb, and exterior of the property.

4. Make sure the front door is clean and easy to open. The last thing you want is a buyer’s agent standing outside with their client fighting to open a dirty door (trust me this happens all the time).

Clean Your House

Sounds obvious, I know. However, everyone’s idea of clean is very different. One thing many people overlook is an odor that them and their family are used to. This could be very distracting to buyers and can turn them off to the property immediately.

1. Vacuum carpets and clean hardwood & tile floors. Have your carpet professionally cleaned if it needs it..

2. Make sure the entire house smells fresh. Odor is a major turn off to potential buyers.

3. The kitchen and all bathrooms need to be cleaned thoroughly, including toilets, tubs, showers, floors, and mirrors.

4. Clean windows inside and out, make sure you get both the glass and the frames.

5. Dust EVERYTHING. Including the baseboards, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, shelves, and blinds.

6. Make the beds everyday.

7. Pick up clothing, shoes, etc.

8. Hang up fresh towels in each bathroom and the kitchen.

De-clutter the House

The easiest way to do this is to start packing! Don’t let too much clutter block the buyer from seeing what they should be buying. Simplifying spaces within the house allows the buyer to visualize their furniture, their paint colors, etc. Also, by removing excess clutter, regular cleaning and keeping everything tidy becomes a breeze! You may need to rent a storage unit. In the end it will be well worth it when the house sells faster and at a higher price.

1. If you don’t need it, pack it up, sell it, or throw it away! Any items that you do not use on a regular basis need to be removed.

2. Remove all unnecessary items from countertops, tables, and floors. These items make the house feel cluttered and also appear smaller.

3. Clean out closets. Buyers WILL look into your closets, so remove unwanted clothing and shoes. Organize everything that is left so the closet looks as large and spacious as possible.

4. Remove personal items such as photos, books, magazines, and knick knacks.

5. Remove any furniture that may be blocking or hampering walkways. Open areas that flow nicely are much more appealing to buyers than cramped or awkward spaces.

Make Minor Repairs

Eliminate drawbacks before a potential buyer even sees them. Any small items that take little effort to fix. Even the smallest thing may effect how much a buyer offers on a property.

1. Replace cracked floor tiles or counter tiles.

2. Patch and paint holes in walls.

3. Fix leaking faucets.

4. Fix all doors that don’t close properly and kitchen drawers that don’t function as they should.

5. Replace burned-out light bulbs.

Paint & Wallpaper

Give buyers a clean canvas for them to see all they can do to make your house their home. Pay special attention to bathrooms and the kitchen.. These are the rooms that really sell a house! Make sure that they are desirable to people with all kinds of taste!


1. Paint with neutral colors. Don’t give buyers any reason to remember your home as „the house with the purple kitchen.“

2. Remove busy or outdated wallpaper, and repaint walls that are not clean. You don’t want buyers referring to your house as the one with the NASCAR wallpaper any more than the house with the purple kitchen.


A bright and airy home is an inviting home that will welcome buyers much more than a dark and dreary home. More light makes a room to feel larger as well. So be sure to follow these tips:

1. Turn on all lights and open all the blinds anytime your home is being shown.

2. Update fixtures if necessary. Old or outdated fixtures can add more to the mental list of work buyers will have to do if they buy, which will negatively affect the amount of their offer.

Garage & Attic Space

Your garage is for your car, not for storing all of your junk! Box up unused items and put them in your attic or storage space. Straighten shelves, organize bins, paint the walls, and sweep the floor. Let the buyer see how much room there is for their car, and all their stuff!

Stage Your Home

Organize the furniture in each room to create as much space as possible. Also, every room needs to be staged for its intended use. It is not good to have the buyer wondering what rooms are supposed to be used for. If you have trouble doing this, hire a professional.


If you want to sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price, follow the steps above. I can assure you that one of your neighbors is – and their home will sell before yours and at a higher price. If you commit to completing the steps above you will allow yourself an easier, much quicker, more profitable, and less stressful selling process!

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Source by Jeff Casterline

What If You Can’t Find a Buyer When Selling a House By Owner?

One of the problems you might encounter when selling your house yourself without an agent is not being able to find a buyer. This can cause all sorts of problems like having to make your payments on the house… which is even worse if the house is vacant. Another problem if the house isn’t selling is you might not be able to move to a house you wanted to till the current one is sold.

Of all the reasons a house might not sell when selling it yourself, there are 2 that make up the majority of issues that will prevent you from finding a buyer.

1. The Price

If you price your house too high about market ranges, you’ll find yourself with a limited supply of buyers who will pay over market rate. This is even more important in a regular to slow market. Sometimes during really hot, bubble markets, it is possible to get a higher price from the „buying frenzy,“ but generally those periods are far and few. For the majority of time you’ll be in a normal to slow market where you’ll need to be competitive to attract buyers in that economy.

Now if you don’t know how to price your property to sell quickly, here’s an easy way to figure it out. Go to online real estate sites such as Realtor.com or Zillow.com and find 3 to 5 houses in your neighborhood that sold in the last 6 months. For each sale, take the sales price (not the listing price) and divide it by the square footing to get price per square foot. Take the 3 to 5 price per square foot number and add them together, then divide them by the number of properties you used to get the average price per square foot. Then take this average number and multiply it to your square footage and get a round price. Take this price and multiply it by 0.98 and this should get you a pretty accurate price on what your house will sell for. Now if you have some big upgrades or additions, or your house isn’t similar to the ones in your neighborhood, you’re going to have to adjust for this. Otherwise, this simple formula will get you close to the price you need to be at for a quick sale.

2. Marketing

The second most important aspect in selling your house by owner is doing aggressive marketing. Now if you listed with an agent, and they were on top of their game, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. However, if you are handling the sale by yourself, then you will have to get your property information out there… and in a compelling way. Meaning, you need to focus on the benefits of why buyers would be better off buying your house rather than the all the other properties on the market. Most folks just put out an ad in the their local paper’s classifieds (which don’t draw nearly the attention they used to) or just put up a few pictures and a description on Craigslist and expect their phone to be ringing off the hook. The reality, however, is much more different.

Of all the ways you can market your house, including listing it online in different housing sites, nothing beats signs. Pound-for-pound, signs will get you the biggest exposure of qualified buyers. The key is do them right. This means hand drawn, ugly signs put up on busy intersections using the right words that get buyers to pick up the phone and call you. Also, having a hand written sign, preferably on bright colors, in your front lawn will get you a nice volume of interest from eager buyers.

There is one other factor, though not well-known about, that can get your house sold fast for full market price… even higher sometimes. And that is selling with a lease option (also known as a rent-to-own). This is simply giving a qualified tenant/buyer 12 to 24 months to qualify for a mortgage. As you know, mortgage standards have gotten extremely tough these days. And many good folks, who have the income and are qualified, just get approved yet. You simply provide them a lease term to get their financing in place so they can close you out for cash when their loan goes through. Selling rent-to-own like this is also good since you net full market price, as you don’t pay any commissions or fees when they cash you out.

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Source by Ron Simon

Selling Your House In A Down Economy

Challenging economic conditions means that the real estate market is ideal for buyers but a graveyard for sellers hoping for a good deal. The housing market in the United States is at its lowest ebb in almost three decades. The Mortgage Bankers Association states that in 2011, 8 million Americans were at least one month behind with their mortgage payments with 5 million of these homeowners two months behind. With huge numbers of houses up for the sale, prices are falling rapidly and sellers are caught in a trap. Below are some tips for selling your home in a down economy for a reasonable price.

Find A Great Realtor

Although you can try and sell the property yourself, it is asking an awful lot to list your house and do all the ground work without real knowledge of the industry. Despite the fact that a realtor will cost you from 3-6% of the selling price, their expertise could easily make up that difference. Find a local agency that’s familiar with your neighborhood including knowledge of comparable properties in the area, school systems etc. Check the realtor’s sales history over the last few years. You want a successful realtor that is not too busy to give your property his full attention.

Marketing Plan

Your real estate agent is responsible for producing a marketing plan but it is your duty to familiarize yourself with the plan as it’s an essential element of driving traffic and getting more people to view your home. Your property must be visible on top internet sites such as realtor.com. The best realtors have their own website so make sure your property is on display there too.


This is your chance to shine. Walk through the home with your agent and he should be able to point out things that may turn off potential buyers. The good news is that preparation work for your home can be performed on a relatively tight budget. Take care of the property’s exterior first with neatly trimmed hedges and colorful flowers always a plus. Repair any bricks or handrails that are loose and also ensure the roof is in perfect condition.

Ensure all walls are painted and carpets are professionally cleaned. Remove all odors to leave a fresh smell and move around furniture to make the living space look as large as possible. If you can’t make your property look immaculate by the time the first viewers arrive, your home will remain unsold.


Look at the active listings, pending listings and recent sold statistics of homes that can reasonably be compared to yours. However, be wary when looking at selling prices as those sales could have taken place a few months ago. Economic conditions can change very quickly so you may have to adjust prices to suit the existing market. Pay special attention to listed prices as this is your competition.

Once you have followed the above steps, you need to be quick to follow-up on inquiries. Your realtor generally handles follow-up activity including emails or phone calls from interested parties. Hopefully, you will receive plenty of interest thus enhancing the possibility of receiving a fair price for your home.

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Secret to Selling Your Home Alone

Here is the Secret to Selling Your Home Alone. A hundred years ago when brokers found properties for buyers, they had few guidelines. The greed of some brokers led to many famous stories of deception and dismay where buyers lost money and their dreams. This led to laws and a new attitude in the real estate business. Ethical codes were developed, and agents organized, claiming the name of Realtors in 1949.

The professional real estate agent can be a very important part of buying and selling property. The industry does not fail to promote itself and the many good reasons to hire the services of a Realtor, whether buyer or seller. However, this does not mean you can’t sell your property on your own and save the expense of hiring an agent.

Here’s the secret of making the sale. To sell your property on your own, you must have two major components.

A. a cash buyer or qualified mortgage applicant

B. a place to close the deal

Solution to A. Buyers normally go to Realtors to have properties shown to them. You must attract buyers through your newspaper ad, fsbo signs, or online webpages. And then you must make is easy for buyers to buy.

Solution to B. You will close your deal in the same way as the vast majority of real estate agents: in the office of a title company (or less often a real estate attorney). This title company is the key to selling and closing your house! If you can find the buyer, this company can close the deal.

It also helps to:

1. Be prepared to organize, clean, and show off the property to prospects.

2. Search now for a reputable „title company“ to prepare all paperwork and close the deal.

3. Prepare a sales flyer with info to „sell“ the property’s features and benefits and help your buyer understand and find financing.

4. Qualify your buyers by suggesting they visit a bank or a bank’s website to pre-qualify for a set loan amount. This will reduce the unnecessary showings you have. Why show your house to someone who can’t afford to buy it?

Since you’re the sales „agent“ it is helpful to learn to pre-qualify a buyer!

Here are the pieces to the financing puzzle:

– Purchase Price

– Annual Interest

– Monthly payment

– Months the loan will last

– 28% rule

For example, say a buyer makes 3000 a month gross. 28% is a rule of thumb for what is allowed for a monthly mortgage payment. So 28% of 3000 = $840. This $840 is approximately the maximum mortgage payment the buyer is allowed. This figure includes the loan principal and Interest, plus monthly tax and insurance payments. Using a mortgage calculator, this payment equates to a purchase price of around $150,000 at about 4% annual interest.

You can ask if the buyer intends to finance the home. If so you can tell them up front approximately what the mortgage payment will be. You can look up current rates at bank sites, such as Bankrate.com.

TIP: The Windows 7 operating system includes a calculator that can help in figuring the above calculation for a mortgage payment. Open the mortgage calculator by clicking Start, then type in calc in the search box. With the calculator open, click View, the scroll down to Worksheets and choose Mortgage.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
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