Selling Your Home in a Spiraling Market

Selling your home at any time can be a tough task, in this market it can be daunting.

What you need to remember is presentation is key. You would not buy a used car that had not been washed (at least not for fair value) the same goes for your home. I cannot tell you how many times I walk into a home for sale and notice dirt, stains, and an overall feeling of I don’t care from the current homeowners. Yes you are hopefully moving on to bigger and better things but that does not mean you have to treat your current home like you were not proud of living there. At one time you were excited to purchase this home and remember someone else is excited to be house hunting for a home like yours.

Please keep your home presentable

Now, in this market turnover is at a standstill. The amount of product (homes for sale) on the market is at all time high. You have to get the attention through marketing and initial reaction. In order to get that house sold you must stand out from the other comparable properties in your area. Price the house accordingly. This is important as the house down the street looks just like yours, and is priced lower. It is unreasonable to think that your house is worth 250,000 more than the house next door of the same size and quality.

Price accordingly

Now that you have the right price and are all cleaned up be sure to make yourself stand-out. Add some character to your place. Rent some furniture to take up those bare walls, add some nice candles and soothing smells. Make your home inviting from the exterior through landscape and flowers. All of these improvements together can cost you less than $500.00. It is imperative that your house has appeal.

Stand-out in a crowd

Good luck.

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Source by Anthony DeRosa